Knowledge that transforms

In 1966, five young friends set up the pre-college preparatory course Pitágoras in the city of Belo Horizonte (MG), paving the way for the Company to become one of Brazil’s leading educational groups. The positive impact for society emerged there, and over the years, Cogna has been bolstering its journey with the best governance and sustainability practices.

Today, Cogna’s DNA  is built in its four companies, the purpose of which is to transform people’s lives through quality education.

Cogna is one of the leading companies in the customer services industry with the lowest ESG risk, according to the Sustainalytics ranking.

We were ranked 6th globally in the consumer services industry, among the 2% best-performing companies, and we were the only one in the Americas in this sector to be considered Top Rated.

What does ESG stand for?

ESG is the English acronym for environmental, social, and governance. The three letters encompass aspects, ways of management, indicators, and practices related to each front. Over the past years, ESG has been strongly used as an investment decision criterion, as it covers companies' sustainable management, and accordingly, the guarantee of a long-term business continuity.


We seek the efficient use of resources in our activities. We promote environmental education.


We promote social transformation by supporting public education, with a focus on employability, economic opportunities, and the development of the cities in which we operate.


We observe the best corporate governance practices, we ensure ethical business conduct.

Our Numbers

Postsecondary education


on-campus and DL undergraduate students


graduate students


distance learning accredited centers (DL)

131 own units

Primary and secondary education

29,000 students

in 50 own schools


partner schools


24,791 employees

Average 15,43 training hours

per employee

15,1 hours

of health and safety training

SROI – Social Return on Investment*

R$ 10,40 billion

of annual economic impact on society

R$ 12,60 billion

in social and economic assets

R$ 7,00 return in benefit to society

at every R$1.00 invested

5 million people

benefited from Cogna’s social assets

*Update 2020
Last update: 06/30/2021

Natural resources

86% of energy consumption

from renewable sources


In 2020, we interviewed 9,594 people and we collected the most relevant topics for our business.

We monitored, managed, and reported these topics, in line with our commitment to transparency along with our stakeholders.