Sustainable Management

Cultural Transformation

We understand that more than devising technologies, an innovation mindset is one of the key levers for our value creation. Thus, over the past years, we have strongly invested in the Company’s digital transformation, and more than that, in the cultural transformation of our companies and employees.

Our digital transformation process concluded two relevant cycles over the past years, with a cultural change in the company’s management and the digitalization of primary and secondary education through Vasta’s K12 platform. Recently, we focused on the postsecondary education digitalization, the third phase of our transformation process, and we created the Postsecondary Online Platform, which covers all the DL courses, besides content solutions and technology for other postsecondary education institutions.

To bolster this process, we rely on:

Technology and Digital Cultural Committee

Composed of a multidisciplinary team, and two external advisors who support and follow-up activities

RACI Matrix

With relevant implementation activities and processes

Open Innovation

Integration with Itaú’s Cubo, an ecosystem with 243 startups focused on solving challenges through technologies.

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