Quality Teaching

We operate in Primary, Secondary and Higher Education with excellent brands, recognized in the history of education in Brazil, and which constitute a complete portfolio with a strong performance in digital teaching and innovative solutions.

Ensuring the quality of the materials and tools we offer is essential to achieve our goals of providing students with the opportunity to develop their potential and of being a complete partner for schools. By means of technology and scientific knowledge, we produce content that boosts student engagement, with innovative language and aesthetics and conceptual and educational rigor. We also offer personalized information about how each individual learns.

Each brand has its educational head, and the development of materials is guided by official orientations and global educational trends.

The performance of the students in partnering schools in major selection processes also demonstrates the effectiveness of our teaching systems:

  • 1st place in Medicine USP (Fuvest/SISU), Unifesp and UFRJ;
  • National leader in entry to USP: 1,487 candidates approved, of which: 100 in Medicine, 93 in Administration; 86 in Law, 246 in Engineering, 28 in Architecture, 38 in Communication and Arts;
  • More than 930 approved in entrance to Unesp, 99% of the disciplines;
  • Unicamp: 381 approved, 1 in each 3 candidates approved is from the Anglo Teaching System.

Student satisfaction

We created a CX (Customer Experience) area to map, integrate and enhance the entire customer journey. Continuous service improvement committees, such as the customer, executive and employee committee, were also created to enable the company to capture feedback.

  • 4.01 is the satisfaction score for Plurall on the Likert scale, as rated by teachers, coordinators and principals.
  • 8 out of each 10 calls resolved.
  • Score 9 for customer service on the CSAT scale.

By means of Avaliar, we undertake internal monitoring to measure teaching quality and the level of learning and engagement of students in all formats of our undergraduate and graduate courses.

To guarantee a true portrait, we have a target of ensuring the participation of 70% of the students, 100% of course coordinators and 90% of the other groups in Avaliar. All the Kroton higher education institutions have their own evaluation committee, comprising representatives of the students, the technical-administrative team, coordination and a member of civil society. We are also evaluated by the Ministry of Education (MEC) under the Sinaes (Sistema Nacional de Avaliação da Educação Superior) higher education evaluation system.

Check out our key results in the annual report.


A portal for our students and former students with job vacancies all over Brazil, posted by partnering companies. Algorithms cross reference the vacancies posted with the best qualified students, initiating the selection process.

  • More than 138,400 jobs disseminated
  • More than 36,700 students and former students registered
  • More than 35,500 partnering companies, of which 1,696 joined in 2021

Student satisfaction

In addition to the NPS, Kroton measures student satisfaction through assessments made on the Reclame Aqui portal. From June to November 2021, Kroton’s reputation achieved a score of 7.1, on a scale from 0 to 10. This was the highest rating in the ranking, which included another four players in the sector.