Social Impact

Social Impact

Our operations throughout the country allow us to generate a positive impact on millions of Brazilians. Through our expertise in education, our segments, and the volunteer work of students and employees, we carry out actions that contribute to the development of the communities in which we operate, taking advantage of our wide distribution to expand our footprint in Brazil.

We have defined three priority pillars that should guide our Social Impact actions and two transversal topics. Therefore, we seek to direct our efforts to enhance our impact and transform the people’s lives in the communities in which we operate.

Public Education

Contribute to the country’s public education

Economic Opportunities

Qualify youth for the future, contributing to financial independence

Social Development

Promote people’s health and wellness

Transversal Topics

Inclusion & Diversity
Respect and Value People with Disabilities: support to gender equality, ethnic minorities, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity.

Innovation & Digitalization
Apply new technologies to minimize the negative impact and potentialize the business’ positive impact

+5 million people benefited

Each R$1 real invested by Cogna corresponds to a return of R$ 7 in terms of benefit for society

Cogna’s social and economic assets were estimated at R$12.6 billion

R$10.4 billion is the annual economic impact of activities analyzed.


To cause a positive impact on society, Cogna also relies on its social arms:

SOMOS Institute
Aiming at using the power of education to change the world, the SOMOS Institute seeks to democratize access to knowledge, reading, and competencies for the future of socially vulnerable youth throughout the country. Thus, we also maintain the SOMOS Futuro, a scholarship program for the advancement of public school students with high academic performance, but with low social and economic conditions. Since 2017, over 500 young students benefited from this program. 

Pitágoras Foundation
For the past 20 years, the Pitágoras Foundation has been supporting public education through the Integrated Management System, a management model that coordinates the efforts of those working or studying in the public education system, focused on primary and secondary education, and targeting students’ high performance. The Foundation is also concerned with offering education to the prison system, and early childhood.

Brazilian Alliance for Education (ABE)
ABE A movement to improve education led by Cogna’s postsecondary education brands together with the Pitágoras Foundation. This Alliance supports Public and Entrepreneurial Education by offering free training courses with certification to the whole society via its Student Virtual Environment (AVA).

The Alliance also works to the benefit of society’s development through the Private Social Investment, via the Rouanet Law, Sports Incentive Law, Elderly Law, and Municipal Fund of Children and Adolescents (Fumcad), among others.

Check a few of the projects supported:

Sponsorship to the Sports and Education Institute’s Sports Caravan, via Sports Incentive Law

Support to the Mpumalanga Institute’s Arts Caravan, via Rouanet Law

Fazendo História Institute’s “Fazendo História” project in the city of Presidente Prudente (SP) and region, via Rouanet Law

Support to Rede CEMAIS3i: building up the management network of ILPIs (long-stay institutions) and community groups of CEMAIS (Intersectoral Alliances Center of Minas Gerais), in the city of Belo Horizonte (MG), via Rouanet Law

Support to the Verde Escola Institute’s “Núcleo Socioeducativo e Gerando Amanhã” project, via the Municipal Fund of Children and Adolescents (Fumcad)