Human Capital

Inclusive and diverse culture

We want to develop an agile, diverse customer focused culture grounded in autonomy with responsibility, entrepreneurship and an owner mindset. To attract and retain talent capable of delivering the organization’s vision of the future, we invest in expanding the diversity of our team, in particular developing management engagement in this area, in addition to targets to advance in the representativeness of the most diverse profiles in our organization.

To develop our culture and ensure alignment with our strategy, we reviewed our purpose, vision, values and priorities. The process was overseen by the executive board and the People and ESG Committee and approved by the Board of Directors.

This change took into account the definition of the behaviors that should be adopted by employees, since they are the ones responsible for transforming our business plans into reality.

Our team


  • Female participation: 48% of managers are women, as are 41% of directors and regional directors, 20% of vice presidents, 16.7% of the C-level (directors reporting to the Cogna CEO). In total, 46% of the company’s leadership positions (management and above) are occupied by women; the target is to achieve 50% by 2025. Check out the Cogna Commitments for a Better World.
  • We obtained Women on Board (WOB) certification for female participation on the Cogna and Vasta Boards of Directors.
  • We formalized adhesion to the 10 Commitments to LGBTI+ Rights, an initiative by the Brazilian organization Fórum de Empresas e Direitos LGBTI+, and to the United Nations’ Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs).
  • The company has affinity groups in the areas of LGBTQIA+, ethnicity, gender and the disabled.
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The Corporate University offers learning trails that support the execution of business strategy and promote skills for the future, innovation for results, lean thinking, reskilling, agile mindset and open innovation. There are also diversity and inclusion, mental health and financial education trails.

In 2021:

  • More than 560 courses in the Corporate University;
  • 40% of Cogna employees impacted by courses;
  • 346,000 hours of training;
  • Average of 6.9 hours of training per employee.
  • 26% of company leaders received “The importance of diversity” course conclusion certificate.

Health, safety and well-being

Health and safety are a non-negotiable value for Cogna. With the goal of ensuring the lowest possible occupational incident and ill health levels, we have permanent targets, such as keeping the absenteeism rate below 2%.

  • Health Committee, an internal body to improve healthcare strategies;
  • Tracking of health indicators (health analytics);
  • Telemedicine, nutritional guidance and psychological support;
  • Social service to support employees who are on sick leave, interned or bereaved;
  • A Mindfulness program to care for employee emotional and mental health.

Check out our targets in the:

Monitor the indicators updated every quarter.