In 2020, Cogna revised its materiality to prioritize and give transparency to the most relevant topics for its businesses and stakeholders. This process comprised three stages:

Materiality Process

Materiality matrix

Material theme list and impact limit

Material topicGRI AspectImpact inside CognaImpact outside Cogna
Student and client satisfactionManagement approachAll companiesStudents and customers
Inovation and technologyManagement approachAll companiesAll stakeholders
Acess to educationManagement approachAll companiesStudents and society
Quality of education and services offeredManagement approachAll companiesAll stakeholders
Ethics, transparency, and complianceAnticorruptionAll companiesAll stakeholders
Diversity and inclusionDiversity and equal opportunitiesAll companiesSociety
Health, safety, and well-being (internal and external)Occupational health and safety; Safety practices; Customer health and safetyAll companiesStudents and customers
Data infrastructure and securityCustomer privacyAll companiesAll stakeholders
Employee and teacher trainingTraining and educationAll companiesStudents and society

Employability and entrepreneurship
Management approachKroton and PlatosStudents and society