Key Indicators

In line with the topics identified in the materiality process, Cogna reports every quarter its most relevant ESG indicators. Information about previous years can be found in our Annual Sustainability Reports.


Ethics, transparency, and compliance

GRI 102-16, 102-17, 205-1, 205-2 and 205-3


100% of employees are covered by communication and training on ethics

1Q21 Highlights:

100% of operations submitted to corruption-related risk assessment

0 confirmed cases of corruption

Data safety and infrastructure

GRI 418-1

No complaints relating to privacy violation

Diversity and inclusion

GRI 418-1

28% of the Board of Directors is composed of women.


Diversity and inclusion

GRI 418-1

1Q21 Highlights:

  • The Diversity and Inclusion area was created and four pillars were defined in 2021 targeting PwDs, gender, LGBTQIA+, and race;
  • Diversity and inclusion plan for 2021 is launched for all employees;
  • The diversity and inclusion path is upgraded at the Corporate University;
  • A monthly newsletter is launched with exclusive content on diversity for employees;
  • Weekly discussions on gender schedule, such as maternity, self-esteem, career, and harassment at the workplace.
Staff diversity by employee category
Position 1Q21
Female Male Total
Chief Executive Officer* 0 4 4
Vice-President** 1 6 7
Board of Executive Officers 37 67 104
Senior Management 34 57 91
Management 166 175 341
Coordination 657 406 1.063
Administrative 7.144 3.868 11.012
Regional Officer 6 14 20
Unit Officer 52 51 103
Academic Coordinator 45 20 65
Course Coordinator 301 189 490
Teacher 4.850 3.938 8.788
Tutor 1.390 733 2.123
Total 14.683 9.528 24.211

*It includes the positions of Chief Executive Officer at Kroton, Platos, Saber, and SOMOS.

**It includes all employees holding the Vice-President position, irrespective of the level of reporting to the holding.

Health and safety*

GRI 403-1, 403-2, 403-3, 403-4, 403-5, 403-6, 403-7, 403-8 e 403-9

1Q21 Highlights:

Besides offering physician and psychologist consultations via telemedicine, in the first quarter of 2021, we created the Work at Height Procedure, and we are also sending monthly pills relating to occupational safety.

Health and Safety Unit 1Q21
% employees trained in Health and Safety % 16,89%
% units covered by the Environmental Risk Prevention Program (PPRA) % 100%
Total employees’ mild injuries 1
Total outsourced workers’ mild injuries 0
Total hours of on-site fire brigade training 350
Total hours of health and safety training 17,5
Average hours of health and safety training per employee 7.771,20
Average hours of health and safety training per employee 3,06
Total hours of work at height training 16
Average hours of work at height training per participant 8

Training and education of employees and teaching staff

GRI 404-1, 404-2 and 404-3

1Q21 Highlights:

In 1Q21, Cogna totaled an average of 7.01 hours of training per employee. The “Virando a Chave” leadership path was the highlight in the period, focused on first-term leaders, with 78% adhesion and NPS (Net Promoter Score) of 92.

Training and education Unit 1Q21
Total hours of training 69.882,39
Average hours of training per employee 7,01
Percentage of employees who received performance analyses Unit 1Q21
By gender
Female % 19%
Male % 20%
By employee category
Vice president % 100%
Board of Executive Officers % 82%
Senior management % 89%
Management % 68%
Coordination % 41%
Academic coordination % 60%
Course coordination % 29%
Teacher* % 0%
Tutor* % 0%
Total % 52%

* Teachers and tutors are evaluated yearly, always in the last quarter. Therefore, these data will be reported in the Sustainability Report 2021.

Employability and entrepreneurship

GRI 103-2 and 103-3
SASB SV0101-03

1Q21 Highlights:

In 1Q2021, we saw a 70% advance in the IT segment vacancies. Deserves highlighting the partnerships established with companies such as TOTVS, Accenture, Stefanini, and IBM. Conecta is currently one of Brazil’s leading employment portals, totaling +706,000 active curricula, 34,000 partner companies, and 529,000 vacancies already published.

Employment Unit 1Q21
Percentage of graduate students working in their area of expertise % 71%
New companies registered at Conecta 449
Curricula active at Conecta 706.567
New vacancies published at Conecta 8.280


GRI 302-1, 302-2, 302-3 and 303-5

84% of energy consumption derives from renewable sources*

*Indicator referring to the energy consumed at corporate units, Platos and Kroton.

Energy consumption (GJ) Unit 1Q21
Energy consumption (GJ) GJ 29.027

Water withdrawn by source (m³)Unit1Q21**
Underground water21.528
Municipal supply73.725,70

**In 2021, the reporting methodology has changed; now we also include VASTA’s consumption data, consolidating VASTA, Kroton, Platos, and Cogna consumptions in the indicator.