Governance Structure

We have been listed on the B3 Novo Mercado since 2012, the sector with the highest levels of corporate governance. We are a full corporation (without a group of controlling shareholders) and adopt best practices, aligned with our commitment to transparency, trustworthiness and ethical conduct towards all stakeholders. We follow the recommendations of the Brazilian Institute of Corporate Governance (IBGC) and use the Arbitration Chamber to resolve any corporate legal conflicts and disputes.

Diverse, highly qualified board

  • 6 members
  • 2 independent (33%)
  • 2 women (33%)
  • 1 LGBTIQIA+ representative (17%)

Great Place To Work Women on Board Empresa Limpa

Cogna has policies on succession and evaluation, performance review, compensation, training and development for the senior management and board succession process, focused on the Board of Directors. See our policies here.

See the skills chart and information about the members of the Board of Directors: