Ethical Conduct
of our Businesses

The principles and guidelines orienting Cogna are reported in our Code of Conduct and include the behavior expected from employees, suppliers, and partners, also those infringing our values.

We also have an Anticorruption Manual, which includes harmful acts, in line with the Anticorruption Law No.12.846/2013, and guidelines for the relationship with governmental authorities.

100% of employees receive mandatory online training on the Code of Conduct and Anticorruption Manual when they enter the Company

100% of service providers shall access and accept both documents

100% of our staff is covered by means of publication of periodic newsletters about ethics, compliance, and anti-corruption practices

Confidential Channel

To report situations in which the Company’s ethical values and principles are infringed or put at risk, we rely on the Confidential Channel. This Channel’s principle is the confidentiality of information, all situations reported are treated with full secrecy, impartiality, and independence.