Efficient management
of natural resources

Although our business does not have such a significant impact on the environment as other economic sectors, we constantly seek to efficiently manage natural resources, and we use our expertise, education to disseminate good practices with our students and society.

Energy and water consumption

In this regard, we prioritize purchasing energy from renewable sources and we promote energy efficiency initiatives in our units and corporate offices. These initiatives include replacing lamps with LED units, which are cleaner and more efficient, monitoring consumption and waste, and conducting educational campaigns to raise awareness about rational energy consumption.

As to water consumption, we use two types of sources — underground water and supply by public and private utilities, and we conduct water consumption awareness campaigns.

Check few environmental education projects

Santi Sustentável (Santi) –  in the city of São Paulo (SP):
Santi promotes a series of initiatives and projects under the “Santi Sustentável” program that aims at raising social and environmental awareness and responsible consumption among students. Recycling and plastic-free projects are executed, partnership with cooperatives, educational scrap projects, exchange fairs, reuse workshops, community gardens, and composters, among others.

SDG Workshops (Santi) – in the city of São Paulo (SP):
it raises SDGs awareness, including thoughts on actions executed and action plans which can be implemented.

“Eu sou a mudança que quero para o mundo!” [I want to change the world!]
(Polo Unopar – Euclides da Cunha) – in the city of Euclides da Cunha (BA):
environmental education action that involves the community on several fronts, raising awareness of this topic.